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Hemp in the classroom, then and now

Happy New Year!  2010 will be a year known for Hemp awareness, action and change as we go on a university tour.  When I was in school, college kids didn’t get much of a chance to learn about hemp unless they were in a debate class where the topic was allowed.  If a professor was open to topics, students always chose to examine the issue of hemp, debating the laws and industrial benefits — and blatant mis-perceptions, faulty laws, and societal harms.

Today you don’t need to research hemp laws and industrial applications for 3 months.  Thanks to video anyone can go online and learn in minutes what used to take days or years.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon because we’re just getting started.  Become a “Hempster” by joining our network on Ning today.

Dominick Ohrbeck


Hempsters Plant the Seed Launches a Unique Interactive Tour Designed to Educate and Inspire Consumers

For many years, United States farmers, businesses and citizens have worked tirelessly to restore Industrial Hemp, one of nature’s more beneficial plants, back to American agriculture. A unique educational documentary, Hempsters: Plant the Seed, uses footage of bold and creative acts of dissent performed by Industrial Hemp activists and public legislative hearings to raise awareness and confront the misguided US laws and policies which prohibit hemp’s cultivation in the United States.

The University Test Screening Tour will be traveling to universities across the country, providing a valuable link between students, faculty, and community members and hemp businesses and organizations and tools to become more engaged in the movement. This tour provides a model of what makes one a “hempster”, motivates people to get involved and shows how to make conscious Hemp choices.

These events are designed to connect social media with in person events allowing Hemp companies gather knowledge to truly understand their demographic. The Hempsters crew will be educating the public about Hemp products while encouraging them to purchase or become a member, tracking the process along the way. Video collected from the events and on the street interviews will serve as a true documentation of public perception, valuable for determining direction for future activists and businesses.

Each event provides a unique opportunity to tap into local movements to show the wide range of issues involved in ending the prohibition of the cultivation of industrial hemp. From the time they arrive at the screening location until the time they leave, attendees will be engaged with hemp.

As they enter the event lobby, they will be greeted by Hempsters Crew Members with tables set up with educational materials and hemp products. Laptops will be set up attendees can use to make purchases or donate to organizations online through the official Hempsters Plant the Seed website. Attendees will smell, see, and taste hemp food prepared by our catering manager, receive sponsor provided food samples, and be exposed to information about hemp’s nutritional content and how to easily incorporate Hemp foods into their diet. We will be documenting attendee participation with video and posting on Hempsters Plant The Seed YouTube Channel and promote through social medias.

Tour Crew Members will hand out test screening questionnaires before the screening at all entrances and collect them as viewers exit. Once attendees are seated in the screening room the Host thank presenting & local sponsors, introduce speakers and explain the test screening process.

There will be local and national speakers involved in the Hemp movement before and after the showing of the film discussing progression and providing next step actions for those inspired to get involved. At the end, audience members will walk up to a microphone and ask questions while completing the film surveys. The speaker presentation, unique to each location, will be filmed, published on the movie’s official website and promoted through social media.

The questionnaire will ask what networking social media sources each attendee uses. After screening everyone moves back into the lobby and the team encourages attendees to purchase hemp products through our website on laptops set up on the vendor tables.

Sponsored by a local organization, the Hempsters social event provides the opportunity for local and national activists to network. Vending tables will be limited based on venue space restrictions. The social event is targets 21+ crowds and will feature music (band/dj/etc…), a mix and mingle fashion show and opportunities to interact with speakers. Samples and promotional items (educational pamphlets) will be distributed to attendees at the social event.

In each event location, the Hempsters Tour Crew will spend time on campuses and city streets promoting the event screening. Sponsor promotional items and educational material will be distributed along with screening handbills. These events will be filmed providing a candid view of general public perception.

If you are interested in getting involved in any aspects of the tour please contacts us @ hempstersinfo@gmail.com.