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Hempsters Plant the Seed Sustainable Business Highlight: The Satori Movement

Satori Divine Movement ClothingSatori means sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism. This concept coupled with the understanding the best things happen when allowed to flow was the inspiration behind the Satori Movement.  In 1998 a few friends got together with the common goal of creating a sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants.

The team knew they had to focus on the positive. Seeing the environmental and socio-economic potential of creating quality products for a World economy continually in need of positive change, Satori began researching ways to make popular sport more sustainable with the intention of offering a progressive, conscious style to the skateboarding community.  In 1999 they debuted their first skateboard wheel, made with an inner core of recycled skateboard wheels and an outer core of new vegetable oil based material. A soft goods line quickly followed.  Satori’s creative team designed long boards out of bamboo, offering skateboarders options made from renewable resources.

Living in San Francisco, the founding members had access to a rich culture of industrial hemp activists, providing all the facts needed to recognize hemp as a solution to the many problems people face today.  Inspired by a new solution, Satori began offering Hemp clothing online, but not before conducting intense research into fair trade outsourcing to be sure that what they were offering their customers was truly sustainable by definition.  Satori owners traveled to each manufacturer in Europe and China touring their production facilities. They wanted to be sure the manufacturers treated their employees fairly and provided a safe work environment.

When designing their Divine clothing lines, Satori not only vowed to use only soft organic fibers, but also chose creative solutions such as recycled polyesters blended with natural fibers to create a greater awareness in the community.   Their Yoga line is an exceptional example of improving the quality of life of those using their products. The first page of the catalogue talks about Satori’s commitment to individual personal development. “Yoga is a practice for personal development, health and overall well being. The practice transcends to a lifestyle where yoga and sustainability naturally intertwine organically. Satori Divine Movement Yogawear focuses on producing high performance and comfortable garments that resonate consciousness organically.”

Get your Sticker at Culture SkateToday, The Satori Movement is well-rooted in skateboard and surf culture, providing quality decks and wheels as well as creative solutions in clothing and design.  In 2008, Cultureskate opened at 214 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA in addition to their already existing warehouse.  If you are in the San Francisco area, consider stopping by or make it a destination on your next visit to the Bay area.

Satori Movement serves as an example of how positive change can make the World a better place.  For over a decade, Satori has been teaching younger generations to be more conscious of what they buy, consume and support.  Their success has come because they have dedicated their mission to improving the quality of life for the individual and ultimately for the planet. Please visit their website at www.cultureskate.com www.satorimovement.com

Hempsters Plant the Seed is happy to have the opportunity to know and work with people using industrial hemp to make the world a better place. Join the conversation on the Hempsters NING to let us know of other sustainable businesses incorporating Industial Hemp as a product line. www.hempsters.ning.com

Written by: Stephanie Bishop hempsterstephanie@gmail.com


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