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Hempsters Plant the Seed University Tour Crew Members at The World Famous Cannabis Cafe

Built in 1909, the building housing The Cannabis Café has its own life and feels as if it’s breathing. Your feet never get tired dancing on the ballroom floor, we are told.  Madeline Martinez, Executive Director of OR NORML speaks proudly of the community built around the café.  The place is a home where patients receive love, respect and safe access to medicines.  There are card games available for anyone to join, a pool table, video games, even a food section with affordable meals for members.  The care OR NORML volunteers have taken to build this community is evident in the smiles on members faces as they enjoy each other’s company.
There is a lot going on here. Oregon NORML and The Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp are co-sponsoring The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) of 2010 and have taken on the huge task of collecting 82,769 valid voter signatures by July 2, 2010. Madeline and Paul Stanford are the co-chief petitioners of the OCTA.  The initiative allows tax and regulation for the recreational use of Marijuana through the State Liquor Board.  It creates Oregon Cannabis Control Commission (OCCC) to license marijuana cultivation to qualified growers who certify their product is chemical free. Estimated revenue generated from this initiative from the marijuana plant is easily expected to reach $140 million annually. 

There is a provision in the initiative that allows Oregon farmers the ability to legally grow Industrial Hemp.  Oregon voters have already passed an initiative allowing farmers to grow Industrial Hemp, however, State agencies are not willing to issue permits until the DEA lifts it’s ban on production of this beneficial plant.  Madeline points out Oregon’s Laws allow for the medicinal cultivation of marijuana, but not it’s cousin plant Industrial Hemp even though Industrial Hemp contains almost no THC. Industrial Hemp has the potential to become Oregon’s biggest cash crop should this initiative be passed and farmers are allowed to grow Hemp.
At the Hempsters Plant the Seed Portland State University Screening Madeline spoke of the need for everyone to get involved in the issue of Cannabis and Hemp. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2010 campaign is an excellent place.  OR NORML will needs lots of volunteers to make phone calls and collect signatures from qualified voters on the streets of Portland by July’s Deadline. Confidence is high and excitement is building as the OCTA opening ceremony is announced for mid-February at the Village Ballroom, 700 NE Dekum, Portland, OR.
The Hempsters Plant the Seed Tour Crew would like to thank Madeline Martinez & her Family for their warm reception and hospitality. Your Cafe is a wonderful home, a beating heart in Portland. We will miss you all.

Check out The Hempster Tour Crew Interview with Madeline on the Hempster’s YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/HempstersChannel


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