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Growing Domestically Stimulates the Economy

The state of the economy makes it difficult to sustain a hemp business at times.  Growing Industrial Hemp domestically rather than importing finished products would lower the cost to the consumer.  The Hempsters Crew stopped by The Master Peace, a hemp clothing and accessory store owned by Melissa Giacobbe & Sierra Freeman.

Master Peace entered the hemp trading business 7 years ago observing the laws and policies shift to see the market picking back up. Melissa & Sierra seek out creative, quality products made from natural and organic fibers.  Most of the clothing in their store is made from Industrial Hemp, but they also carry organic bamboo and cotton. A lot of pieces are a blend of one or more of these fibers, including a coat made of recycled plastic bottles and hemp.

They try to bridge the gap between older hippie clichés and a new age conscious movement taking hold across the country. Their hemp clothing is made from the finest quality fibers and customers enjoy their clothing for many years. Providing lasting products cuts down on the constant cycle of replacing wardrobe items annually from normal wear and tear.

The Master Peace. 3623 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR.

The Hempsters Plant the Seed Tour Crew found many impressive items. Bishop’s first coat is from The Satori Movement, which means existing in harmony. A hemp fiber blended with recycled plastic bottles, the coat is a creative mix of the green movement and Industrial Hemp Movement.  Lined with Hemp Organic Cotton blend, the coat is durable, but lighter than the Hoodlambs. Perfect for layering.

Bishop’s second coat is a green Hemp Hoodlamb featuring a removable hood, secret pockets, patented rolling paper dispensers built into the side pocket and loops in the neck for headphone wires. 

Made of 55% Hemp – Outer Shell is wind and water resistant 20% Hemp Satifur lining that feels like luxurious plush.  The coat is heavy and durable, lasting most customers 4-5 years before needing to be replaced.

We found a handmade skirt from Texture located in Bellingham Washington. Farm Fresh & Stylish, this piece has contemporary flare with Old World integrity. Texture combines fabulous fabrics and clean design to provide comfortable clothing with spice.

Glenn fell in love with a black Classic Hemp Hoodlamb. The Jacket boasts several secret pockets, and a faux-fur lining that keeps you warm and looking luxurious. Glenn was overheard saying “I feel like I should be counting money while I’m wearing this. This thing is boosting my self-esteem.”

Melissa & Sierra brought samples of Hemp clothing and accessories to the Hempsters Plant the Seed Portland Screening at Portland State University. Please stop by their store and learn more about supporting Industrial Hemp in local communities. Thank You for your hospitality!


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